Icons of Ravenloft

Archmage – Master of undead and arcane mysteries, silent protector of the realm. LN, NG, LG, N.
Innistrad:Tiago the Archmage
Ravenloft: Rudolph Van Richten, Undead Hunter and Mage

Crusader – Driven to the point of blindness, Black Knight. LN, LE
Innistrad: Thalia, First Cathar
Ravenloft: Lord Soth, Death Knight

Diabolist – Consorts with demons/devils, corrupts mortals (CE).
Innistrad: Vylin, Thrall of Griselbrand
Ravenloft: High Servitor of Inajira, Arcanoloth of Corruption

Dwarven King – Claims all treasure, wishes to reclaim homeland. LN, LG, LE
Innistrad: The Lord of the Forge
Ravenloft: The Deep One

Elf Queen – Like High Druid but kinder NG, CG, N, CN
Innistrad: Paraselene, The Voice of the Moon
Ravenloft: Matrushka, Queen of the Vistani

Emperor – Leader of men, displays money and power. LN, LG
Innistrad: The Lunarch
Ravenloft: Ismark Indirovich, Mayor of Barovia

Great Gold Wyrm – Protector of the realm, self-sacrificing. LG
Innistrad: St. Traft, Geist of Angels
Ravenloft: Mikael Atenescu, Leader of The First Light

High Druid - Spirit of nature, wildhearted and capricious. N
Innistrad: Heart of the Wood
Ravenloft: Harkon Lukas, Meistersinger and Wolfwere

Lich King – Commander of undead, powerhungry and cruel. LE
Innistrad: Professor Ludevic
Ravenloft: Count Strahd von Zarovich

Orc Lord - Savage icon of slaughter and chaos. CE
Innistrad: Mondronen, Howlpack Alpha
Ravenloft: Grieck, Chief of The Ravagers

Priestess - Basically Pope Francis. NG
Innistrad: Avacyn
Ravenloft: Martyna, High Priestess of Lathander Morninglord

Prince of Shadows – Never overt, Prince of thieves, Unknown to masses CN, CG, CE
Innistrad: The Prince of Shadows
Ravenloft: The Prince of Shadows

The Three – Cruel and self-serving, magical, master of dark sorcery. NE
Innistrad: Olivia Voldaren, Regent of Stensia
Ravenloft: Hazlik, Headmaster of the Red Academy

Icons of Ravenloft

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