Urban Richter von Istendahl

An arcane inquisitor, dedicated to the supremacy of mankind over the forces of darkness.


I assure you, for the moment your wife is alive and well. That letter that you possess is not from her. Rather, it is a careful forgery – the ink contains flecks of a mold common to the cisterns of the Schmiedkreis, but exceedingly rare in the cleaner regions surrounding your shop. Simple murder would not justify so elaborate a deception. But there is no time for delay. For one-fifty I will return her to you, in as unharmed a condition as is possible. For another hundred, I will also bring you the head of the creature that took her…

Demontouched | Bard 2
STR 10 CON 14 DEX 16
INT 18 WIS 12 CHA 8
AC 16 PD 14 MD 14
Initiative 6 HP 36 Recoveries 8 {2d8 + 2}

One Unique Thing
My mind swims with the demonic words of the Vox Umbra, burned into it from a forbidden tome on the dusty shelves of my master’s library. I have only dared to utter a fraction of them – while some of the Orsum have saved my life, others have brought only ruin. As for the remainder… I dread the day that I learn the full extent of their power.

Icon Relationships

  • Rudolph van Richten, the Archmage {++}
    I may not have completed the full training of a wizard, but I still possess the contacts I made as an Apprentice. The Archmage and his adherents strive for the supremacy of man over monster, as do I.
  • High Servitor of Inajira, Arcanoloth of Corruption, the Diabolist {+/-}
    The power I have acquired has brought me occasional unwanted attention from dark forces. Their motives are as protean as their master; sometimes they come to me as a hindrance, sometimes as an aid.


  • Cognimancer’s Apprentice {3}
    Once my magical aptitude was identified, I was sent to Avabruck as apprentice to Johanna Nemeia, one of the loremasters of the city. I learned much from the dusty tomes in her library… perhaps more than I bargained for.
  • Arcane Inquisitive {5}
    This city teems with nightmarish creatures, hidden just out of sight, waiting for the unwitting to stumble into them. But I know their ways, their needs, their desires. I will expose every last one that I can.
  • Fiend Stalker {2}
    I have trained in combat with the infamous Retalg of Viria, a master of snaring and destroying the creatures that plague these lands. Of course, many of his techniques are applicable to sentient beings as well…


Racial Power

Battle Cries





  • Reinforced Duster {light}
  • Longsword {d8}
  • Reference Materials
  • Inquisitive’s Tools
  • Manual of Enlightened Flesh
    +1 to Str/Dex/Con-based skill checks. Feel compelled to perform showy athletic moves at random times.
  • Amulet of Turn Undead
    Gifted to members of Van Richten’s fan club, this amulet has the power to terrify some of his classic enemies – the undead

Urban Richter von Istendahl

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