Sebastian Bellerophon

A painfully earnest, terribly honest, very smart, well-dressed, but extremely gullable dandy of a young wizard.


“Oh, you poor thing! here, perhaps this pouch of money will provide a bit of restitution for my kind’s cultural hegemony.”

Born to a comfortable family of landed gentry, Sebastian wanted for little. Doting servants, fresh food, ample wine, clean water, and well-stocked toy chests were all his from birth. The last of seven brothers, he spent his days learning everything there was to learn from his small army of tutors and teachers. An early aptitude and insatiable interest in magic marked him as a wizard, and through his studies, he soon gained the use of many useful arcane spells.

At sixteen, Sebastian decided to leave the sheltered world of Bellerophon Plantation and seek his own fortune. It was time to find out what the world could offer him, and how he could best serve the world. After a cheerful farewell to his family, the young and naive wizard set off to the big city of Thraben to seek his fortune.

It wasn’t long after his arrival that Sebastian had been swindled out of most of his possessions, and what little coin he had left had gone to beggars, urchins, and cutpurses. It was then that he was forced to seek shelter in a rather…low-rent…establishment, where he met a few members of a secret organization called The Order of Night. These stalwart young men and women fought for truth! And freedom! And justice! And they were the voice for all those who could not speak! Sebastian realized that he had rested on his privilege for too long, and THIS was the meaning and purpose he was looking for. With great enthusiasm, Sebastian pledged himself to their cause and became a member of the Order.

For two years, Sebastian served the Order, mostly by discussing theoretical political philosophies in various coffeehouses, apologizing to poor people for their oppression, and giving alms to beggars who at least pretended to be crippled.

It was in the winter of his 18th year when he met a new group of friends: a beefy wizard, a haunted demonic investigator, and a delightfully eccentric wood elf. With the blessing of the Order (and the admonishment that he may be called back into service at a later date as needed,) he decided to join the ragtag group of adventurers and devote his magical arts to creating new stories of heroism and derring-do!

Then, he went through the mists and ended up in Ravenloft. Only months after his arrival, he was captured by a cult of knowledge, tortured for a week, subjected to a variety of specialized drugs and brainwashing, and transformed into a vampire. He is trying to hold onto who he was and what he believed, but now his eyes are truly open. Everything is different now.

Sebastian Bellerophon

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