Milosh Dalca

A Barovian Roadwarden, dressed in breastplate, boiled leather, and steel cap. Dark eyes and a hooked nose, a Vistani traveler.


Milosh Dalca, Vistani (Half-Elf) Fighter 2

STR 17 +5
CON 16 +5
DEX 15 +4
INT 8 +1
WIS 12 +3
CHA 10 +2

AC 19 PD 15 MD 12

Bastard Sword +5 2d10 + 3 (Miss: 2)
Javelins +4 2d6 + 2

One Unique Thing: Unlike other Vistani, I can remain in one place without becoming an afflicted mortu.

Roadwarden +4
Vistani Trouper +2
Wiry Strength +2

Grieck, Chief Ravager (Orc Lord) 2-
Matrushka, Queen of the Vistani (Elf Queen) 1+

Class Features

Extra Tough
Threatening (-3)

Comeback Strike
Counter-Attack (Adv.: Deals full damage rather than half)
Skilled Intercept

Any Odd: Carve an Opening
Even Hit: Deadly Assault (Adv.: Reroll 1s and 2s)
Even Miss: Heavy Blows
Any 16+: Precision Attack


Milosh spent his early years traveling with his family, performing for villages on the outskirts of Barovia. He fell in love with a smith’s daughter, Rosalina, in one such village, and against his mother’s warnings, chose to remain. He joined the Barovian Roadwardens to protect the village from the encroaching savages, a horrific tribe of murderous beasts called The Ravagers, but his love died in an unrelated riding accident.

Milosh now despises The Ravagers, and has become a bitter soldier burying his grief in work. He is still welcome among the Vistani cousins, as he is not seen as mortu and can pretend to be nomadic, though he dreads the day he runs into his own mother again.

Milosh Dalca

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