Rabensgraf Matticz Wahnsinnig ap Leerenwald

a gentleman of the dark forest, possessing dubious moral fiber, ambiguous sanity, and undeniable skill


Wood Elf | Rogue

Though no shorter than the average elf, Mads is markedly slight of build—even for his traditionally-slender kind. Like most wood elves, the color of Mads’ skin and hair—which he keeps short enough to not be a liability in combat but long enough to fall dashingly over his eyes—seem to shift in response to the season.

Mads seems easily distracted, but he exhibits sudden, intense focus and insight often enough to suggest his wandering attention is all an act. He’s quick of wit and sharp of tongue, but tends to forget (or misremember, or confuse) a great deal of commonly-known or obvious information—including, not-infrequently, exactly whom he’s talking to (which has earned him more than a few slaps from jilted barmaids).

Mads eyes are large, dark, and frequently gleaming mischief. As many a farmer’s daughter can attest, gazing into his eyes reveals the reckless ambition of a child and the feral cunning of a wolf, but some tell a different story. Some claim that if you look long enough, you can see something else—something darker than an autumn night and deeper than an ancient well, flickering with the chaos of distant stars.

One Unique Thing

Every night my dreams are filled with daring exploits worthy of legend; some days I wake up to evidence that I’m living those adventures, not just dreaming them.

Icon Relationships

Prince of Shadows { + } Know him? The Prince of Shadows? Don’t be a fool; he doesn’t exist. (But he owes me five silver crescents.)

Parselene, Voice of the Moon { ~ } The Elfmother has proved herself a wise and worthy sovereign time and again. I’ve pledged fealty to her and have been rewarded justly. I solemnly promise to abide by her rulings—however misguided, restrictive, or boring.

Thalia, First Cathar { – } I don’t have any problem with the Cathars. Now shut up.


Born Liar {+3} Trust me.

Cat Burglar {+5} Is it really somehow my fault if these wealthy citydwellers don’t adequately secure their preposterous “houses”? If they don’t want people using that third-story window, they should seal it shut and make it out of something stronger than glass.

Geheimnissensprecher {+2} I have felt the thrumming heart of the Deeping Well; I have caressed the face of the midnight sky and gazed into the infinite Nothing. The stars sing a tinkling melody of truth and wonder; I drink their promise and am made whole.

Ulvenwaldmeister {+3} I have lived and hunted in the Ulvenwald since long before you were born, little manling. I know its bounties and pitfalls, its pathways and denizens; you would do well to heed my instruction.

© 2011 Damir Saifutdinow


STR 11 CON 12 DEX 18 INT 7 WIS 14 CHA 18
AC 15 PD 14 MD 13
HP 21 Recoveries 8 {1d8 + 1}

Check this space for: Talents, Powers, Feats, and Gear.

© Darren Bartley

Rabensgraf Matticz Wahnsinnig ap Leerenwald

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