• Milosh Dalca

    Milosh Dalca

    A Barovian Roadwarden, dressed in breastplate, boiled leather, and steel cap. Dark eyes and a hooked nose, a Vistani traveler.
  • Rabensgraf Matticz Wahnsinnig ap Leerenwald

    Rabensgraf Matticz Wahnsinnig ap Leerenwald

    a gentleman of the dark forest, possessing dubious moral fiber, ambiguous sanity, and undeniable skill
  • Urban Richter von Istendahl

    Urban Richter von Istendahl

    An arcane inquisitor, dedicated to the supremacy of mankind over the forces of darkness.
  • Johanna Nemeia

    Johanna Nemeia

    A scholar, professor, demonologist, and keeper of secret knowledge.
  • Sebastian Bellerophon

    Sebastian Bellerophon

    A painfully earnest, terribly honest, very smart, well-dressed, but extremely gullable dandy of a young wizard.