The Abyss Stares Back

Won't You Take Me to CRAZYTOWN

Heinrich, whom we go to visit, is a drunk and a wizard, but the wizard part has yet to be proven. He is distracted and obviously a slob, as his house is a mess and smells of booze. And yet we speak with him.

He is aware of the sanitarium and its history, and he tells all. It was a place with a shifty reputation since many people who were not actually crazy were shipped there, including women with child and other undesirables. About 5 years ago there was a patient uprising and the doctors and other staff were killed or captured, and the place has been off the grid since then.

The cult has also been to visit this guy (and left acid pits in Heinrich’s chair to prove it). They wanted to know about a magic item called the ring of erudition that this guy used to own. He tells us, and told the cult, that he sold it to Schneideldorf. This explains Schneideldorf’s messed up house, ransacked by the cult looking for the item. And Schneideldorf was awfully suspicious of us and wanted to accuse us of stealing his jewelry.

We convince Heinrich to come with us to aid in the casting of the ritual that we are carrying from Schneideldorf, and he does! The five of us immediately head off for the sanitarium.

We come to the front gate of the asylum and are set upon by some of the patients who evidently have been turned into werewolves. We are forced to destroy them, unfortunately, and feel even worse when we find a nest that they were living in inside a bush with a teddy bear inside it.

Mads climbs up to the second story to look in one of the cracks in a window and has someone’s eye look back at him. We debate for a moment whether to go in through the attic or the basement, but follow Milosh’s suggestion and use the basement. After breaking through a chain on the cellar doors outside, we enter a storage area. Inside are cans of food and a… receptionist?

She asks us why we are being admitted and we describe our maladies. She listens carefully, then gives us our IDs, which are charms specific to each of us (a tree for Mads, knife for Milosh, moon for me, lightning bolt for Sebastian and bottle for Heinrich).

We go upstairs, gather clothes to look vaguely like patients, and start exploring. On the other side of a set of double doors are a set of little girls jumping rope and singing a rhyme. It’s about us! Maybe. Mads talks to them and nearly reassures them of our non-threatening nature. But then their guardian, a monstrous gargoyle, shows up (whom they are afraid of) and we run away. But so do they, after giving us a key to escape the room!

Who will the gargoyle chase? Inquiring minds want to know…



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