The Abyss Stares Back

Wolf it Down

The wolf, standing by the gate, lunges into the militia and begins to slaughter then. Emil tells us that he has materials that might help us, but that they are on his horse. Which is at the gate. Sad face.

We decide to take to the walls and go around the wolf, so Mads scales the wall. He attempts to help the rest of us up, but his rope breaks, and we decide to have him run ahead while we run interference. Ulrich starts the game off with an acid arrow, drawing the creatures attention and covering it with schnitzel. Yes, I said schnitzel. We fight!

And we win, with colorful rainbows of light! Mads tears out some of the spikes from the wolf after we killed it while I examine the body, find and remove a silver tipped arrow. The removal causes the body to revert back to human form, one that possesses a primitive style circular tattoo of strange design. I cut into the design and notice that the ink glows green in the moonlight, and may be the cause of his condition, rather than a wolf bite. I sketch the tattoo and gather a sample of glowing tattoo skin for later.

Mads goes outside of the town to look for tracks, and believes that this guy came in from the northeast. It is unknown what the source might be. Mads, while he contemplates this, loses track of time and zones out. When he regains his senses, he finds himself in the dark, and accosted by cloaked figures wielding crossbows. They want to know why he is out, and state that they are tracking dangerous creatures.

Sebastian and I go outside of the walls and call for Mads. He hears our voices, and the men holding him are skeptical of his intentions, but he convinces them to come with him to the town.

They, identified as cathars, come to the town to speak with us, and we share some knowledge. The arrow in the wolf was one of theirs, and they are as surprised as us at the attack. They tell us that they don’t know the origin of the werewolves, or what their intentions are. Also, they are keeping their eyes on some of the outer villages who might be practicing some dark magics. Sebastian is very interested in going with them to their camp, but Mads is nervous to do so, so we ultimately decide not to.

Ulrich heads to the inn to eat, and ends up speaking with the owner of the local magic shop. He is interested in magical items of all kinds, and mentions a barrow nearby that might have wights. Maybe we could go and side quest it. The man is from Nephalia, the land of the mad professor, and we have a short conversation about the undead and assume that he might have something to do with an impending zombie uprising.

Sebastian saves one of the mayor’s men from tripping over a barstool and gets an appointment to see him. I manage to open the mysterious book in my possession and find out that it improves my physical skill. Mads talks to the of dagger and unlocks its ability (injure wounded creatures further).

We go to see the mayor, with the intention of having Sebastian negotiate having the water merchant speak to the mayor. From the contents of his parlor, we can see that he has had military service, collects boring books, and enjoys sausages.

The mayor thanks us for our service and offers whatever aid he can provide and a ceremony honoring us, but won’t discuss the water merchant. He distrusts the Lunarch and believes it world lead to too much influence over the town. But Sebastian convinces him eventually, although he says that the whole town will have to make the decision. With him giving a speech at the town podium…

So we wait for the ceremony, and then plan to travel to the mine to grab our werewolf prevention medicine, and return to watch the sleep revel. And perhaps defend the town during it…



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