The Abyss Stares Back

Washing Day

Through the portal, we can see Sebastian holding Johanna off of the floor. We dive through the portal and find Sebastian attacking Johanna, with Billie bleeding on the floor, two of Mad’s Ravens dead on the ground and the sound of a child screaming from upstairs. Fight!

Mads feeds Billie a healing potion while Milosh and I fight Sebastian, and Milosh manages to choke him out or something. Mads takes an unconscious Sebastian to his coffin and supervises some of Milosh’s men nailing the lid shut, Milosh goes upstairs and helps Liesl survive a torn-off arm and Florica deal with a vampire bite, and I help Johanna up from the floor. She is, unsurprisingly, not as injured as she appeared to be when we saw her through the portal.

Once everything is under control, we all go talk to Johanna. Her story is that Sebastian has been acting more and more erratically, and that he finally snapped. She reveals that she has made some preparations for the event, and that she has a strongroom (read, prison) partially prepared for him. Mads isn’t particularly fond of any of this, of course.

We go down to see her fully-operational, lightning-reinforced, triple-sealed anti vampire cage. It’s totally sweet. And even though there is a restraint table in there, we’re sure that Sebastian will be happy there. As happy as you can be in solitary confinement, at least.

Mads and Milosh stay behind to speak with Sebastian when he wakes up, and I go upstairs to talk with Liesl. I do my best to comfort her, and tell her that we are going to send her back to Teufeldorf. Before that, I remind her that Sebastian did this to her and that he is currently imprisoned, but that he would be very dangerous if he ever managed to escape. And then Johanna edits her memories to her advantage and portals the girl back to her home.

Mads and Milosh talk to Sebastian when he wakes up. He doesn’t remember much – just that he was playing with Liesl and Florica, got up to speak with someone in the hallway and then became angry – really angry. He doesn’t seem to remember much about the ordeal, and has to be reminded of who he killed. They reveal to him that they are only playing along so long as Johanna is the lesser threat.

We rest up and plan for our next move. But before we go, I go down to visit Sebastian. He’s hostile at first, and tries probing my mind while he questions me about whether I knew what was going to happen to him back in the asylum, but I burn my icon relationship to have my demons lash out against him and convince him both that I did not intend for him to be killed back then, and also that he really is a danger to the world who is best left caged. He believes it, which is sad for him.

Before I go, Sebastian has another vision. It’s an ambush in Lowenturm, evidently. Can’t wait until we’re there again.

And then on to more adventure!



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