The Abyss Stares Back

Vladimir Lootin

We put Heinrich, who is still blathering as if we are going to let him go, into one of the cages in the garage building. The one without a hungry vampire in it, it course. He is very, very drunk, and doesn’t look like he is going to try to escape for some time.

Mads and I go into the workhouse to look at what the zombie workers were doing in there, and find that they were in the process of casting swords and other weapons. The weapons are not particularly fine, having been made by zombies with no artistic talent, but they seem to be made out of an unknown metal. It has a silvery glow to it, but is not pure silver. From an analysis of the foreman’s log and the inventory, we infer that the weapons are high nickel steel, which is resistant to corrosion.

Milosh goes into the main house to look around. The house is foul with dead bodies, probably the workers from the foundry or maybe hobos, and anything related to Casimir Drake himself has been defiled. There are some papers to and from Ulrich – brainstorming for spell names, letters back to Strahd requesting orders, musings about how the little girl might be important but no concrete information as to why.

Before we go to sleep we have a discussion about what to do with the gangs. Mads suggests that we release our vampires in the town to devour the gang members. I counter with the idea that Camille would be neither as selective nor as efficient as we would hope.

Then, sleep! And back to the Heimat with Heinrich in tow.

Once we get there, Johanna immediately sucks out Heinrich’s brain, and then explains what he knew. He seems to have dumped the girls off somewhere in Zeidenberg because he was a drunken fool – it was probably voluntary for both parties and not that he sold them. She tells us that he told Strahd about our identities (and Onyx would have confirmed much of this) and that he traced the trail of the scholar back to the university in Barovia city but no further.

We hunt down Florica and Liesl in the Heimat and find the little girl in a room playing with Sebastian, Liesl looking on.

I go down into the basement with Mads to look at the symbol that he has found

We have two options – track down the priest of Lathander (although it seems that the awakened already saved him) and take Florica to the Vistani along the way, or go to the university to get rid of incriminating evidence.

We do the latter. Hijinks ensue.



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