The Abyss Stares Back

Urban Parcel Service

We go to the intersection where Mads agreed to meet the sisters’ assassins, and there we wait. Not for long, though, because two figures that seem to be made of smoke coalesce near us, brandish their shadowy knives, and attack. Fight!

We are victorious, but before we destroy the second assassin I take out a small jar, put a quick summoning circle on it, and catch a fragment of the spirit for questioning. And then, the actual questioning. We discover, through some shared memories via Mads, that the scholar wanted the sisters to tell him how to create the synod, implying that he doesn’t have as much information about us as we feared, but they wouldn’t really help him other than telling the assassins that fear would work. So they were killed. And now, we need to not be afraid, but of what we don’t know.

The next day, we go to Castle Ravenloft to meet with Lord Blackburn. It’s creepy. Creepy bridge with its creepy invitation-taking ghost. Creepy front door. Creepy Butler. Creepy hallway. Finally we are brought to a room where we wait for Blackburn to arrive.

He greets us, and we tell him everything we know, including that we basically knew his agents were vampires and not really denying that we killed them and know the hunters. But he’ll give us a chance to work together against the scholar, if we undertake a mission for him.

The mission is to deliver a package to Ludmilla Schwartz, in the town of Sebes. Her father’s name is Jacob, and he is the leader of the town. It must be delivered directly to her, with no interference in the process. We will bear the sign of the Iron Rook, which should get people to leave us alone.

We accept, and prepare to take the package to Sebes.



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