The Abyss Stares Back

The Walking Bread

We return to point hope to compare notes and to interrogate (and potentially assassinate) Schneideldorf. We first discuss with the captain and keeper about the camp and what we found there, including the notes, circle diagram and purple smoke powder, and Lucinda seems to agree with us on the importance of such things.

As for Schneideldorf, they have put him into the book cage, where he is working on something that might be able to close the half-open portal in the cave. We take the opportunity to question him a little more about the cult, since we suspect him of more involvement than before. He is busy writing something on a piece of parchment, and is very impatient for us to leave him alone.

He claims that it is a ritual to shut the portal that opened back in the cave, but that he needs an hour or so to finish his work. We ask him for the first page of the document at least, telling him that we would like to be as prepared as possible when we actually have to enact the ritual, but also wanting to compare his handwriting to that of the notes that we found in the Ravager camp. He grudgingly gives us the notes and Mads, as the resident forgery expert of the group, compares the two sets of writing. His expert opinion, if it can be called that, is that the samples do not match, and that Schneideldorf is not the Scholar mentioned in the text. Too bad, because then we would already have him in prison.

We go back to Dorfman and torment him a bit more, saying that we are going to release him from the cage at some point, but that it is too dangerous right now with the Awakened roaming around who-knows-where. Possibly even here, although that seems unlikely.

But it suddenly becomes much more likely! Mads and Milosh, best friends forever, take some time off from protecting the innocent and witty banter to help the Roadwardens with another pressing issue – the bread delivery is late. Needless to say, a warden without his breakfast bread is not operating at full capacity. The two of them set up a watch on the fort’s walls and finally, to everyone’s joy, the bread wagon rumbled up to the gates. It’s Ned’s dad, Lumpumsomethingshire! And he had bread! But he also carries with him a staff, and a message. The message came from a golden-haired, curly-locked lunatic on the road, who warned us, through Nedsdad, that we should back off or bad shit would happen. And to prove his point, bad shit did then happen, with Nedsdad stamping the staff against the ground releasing a burst of DEMONENERGY, as well as a bunch of actual, snarling demons. Fightclub that shit!

Ned’s bread dad could have fled in misled dread, but instead was bled, shred and left for dead by his braindead retread of the unsaid, inbred dead-ahead cheese spread. But at least the bread was ok!

Cultist bitches just stepped it up a notch, and they have Ned the inbred, unwed bread head. Time to respond, gangnam style.



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