The Abyss Stares Back

The Thank You Tour

The session starts with Mads and I talking to Sebastian and trying to gently tell him that we are now working directly with the scholar. As expected, he doesn’t like the idea of not killing the people who tortured him, but Mads and I convince him to stay his hand (partly because I use an icon roll to corrupt his soul just enough to help him accept his new dark position). We return to Johanna.

We talk for a little while about what we are expected to do and why Strahd might be willing to act against the Vistani now. Maybe it has something to do with the sight – perhaps he wants to either gain control over it or fears that it might be used against him.

Before we strike out to a Vistani camp to investigate what is going on, Johanna asks us to join her on a trip to one of her people’s camp to have a press conference to introduce ourselves as the synod, and we agree to do so, under the assumption that we will then be recognized by her troops and this able to command them.

She offers us presents as well, and after we are teleported to the camp we end up in a room with 4 armoires, each inscribed with one of our names on it. Inside each of them is a suit of armor for one of us, personalized and bearing the insignia of the Scholar, or the synod, or whatever it is (a dagger with a quill crossing it). They are totally badass and Mads just about passes out with greed over his new leather armor. We take our items and put them to good use.

We join Johanna in front of a large gathering of her people and she gives a speech about how we are great and that we are totally on board with the Awakened. Milosh tests out his newfound power by convincing the mob that one of the men in their midst is a traitor and must be killed. They do so, and it’s a combination of impressive and horrifying.

We return to Barovia to rest and recuperate, and also to level up! Hooray for level 4!

We have a few solo adventures. I end up joining Johanna in her quarters for a late night study session. Mads, while looking for a place to sleep at night, stumbles in on Sebastian hunting a man for a meal. Mads doesn’t approve, so he knocks the terrified man unconscious and offers up his own blood to slake our vampire’s thirst. During the process, Mads calls on the power of the prince of Shadows to steal away Sebastian’s thirst temporarily.

The next day, we will get sent to the Vistani camp to move this shit forward.



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