The Abyss Stares Back

The Leg Bone's Connected to the...

We charge into the room. Well, Mads charges into the room, teleporting into the middle of the group before Milosh and I can react. He is surprisingly angry.

The main doctor guy is surrounded by a number of gurneys flipped up on end, each with a patient strapped in to them and with a juice groove cut into the bottom. Around them all are creatures, looking mostly human, but with craggy features and covered in spikes and such, as if they have been partially transformed. They are carving patterns into the floor – symbols of some kind…

We fight with the doctor and his minions, and enjoy his whispered words of despair and ability to make us distrust and attack each other. But he doesn’t survive for long, and we eventually take him down. All non lethal, of course, since we suspect that shed blood will unleash horror. And then his tentacles flop out of his sleeves. {Shudder}

Mads moves to free some of the patients tied to the gurneys, and has crazy conversations with them about hot air balloons.

We interrogate the good doctor and he is rather forthcoming with his information. The ritual was supposed to summon one of the generals of the Black Amaranth to take control of the ravagers and solidify them as a force under the control of the Awakened. Now that we have disrupted that, I guess that they will continue being crazy.

He confirms that we are believed by the inner circle of the Awakened to be some kind of prophesied group called “The Synod”. He even has a copy of the prophecy, written by him, that appears to have undergone a number of revisions to make it sound more impressive. It would be easy to dismiss the prophecy altogether because of its obvious edits, but they do seem to have information about us that shouldn’t be known by anyone. Anyway, we drag the doctor out into the hallway before dispatching him. He claims that killing him will not be an impediment and that he will be brought back shortly by his master, so we will put his claims to the test.

One last thing that he says, “We should look for her, 2135”. We have no idea what that means.



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