The Abyss Stares Back

Our War on Drugs

We travel to Zeidenberg with Heinrich in tow, slapping our way through one of the local gangs on the way. He doesn’t remember in great detail what happened to the children, but he has vague ideas that we follow to an industrial dock area. It seems that the crypt vipers (the blue team) run this section of town. We approach a warehouse that Heinrich says looks familiar and speak with the man outside. We ask about the girls and he actually knows what we’re talking about.

Soon, we are talking to Ernesto, the big boys’ man. He ostensibly doesn’t recall the destination of the girls now, but he’s willing to look into it for us. In exchange, we are to find the source of a competing drug in the city, something injectable, and shut it down. The house of ill repute is the place to start.

We go there and indulge ourselves. In amongst Turkey legs and alaskan pipelines we learn that Angelique might have some available, possibly through her boyfriend. Mads gets into his room after his girlfriend leaves, steals his money, and finds a box of syringes with this new drug in it. The kid says he stole the drugs from a house west of town. He then tries to escape but gets kicked in the head.

The next day, we head out to this drug house, which is quite a distance outside of town. Inside is a gnomish alchemist who invites us in. He recognizes us as the synod, and has done work for Johanna (the specialist, actually) making all kinds of torture and hallucinogenic drugs. Lots of these were given to Sebastian, probably. He acknowledges that he was robbed and that this particular drug was part of what was taken, but also says that he isn’t making any more. We might be able to use his knowledge to work against the ravagers.

We return to Ernesto and inform him that we shut down his competitor, which turned out to be one kid thief with a limited supply of stolen merch. He really would like to know our source, but we refuse to turn in the gnome in case we need him again. He hands us an address in town to which he sent the girls.

The address turns out to be a sweatshop staffed by children, with a cat o nine tails wielding woman in charge. Mads finds the girls and tells them to be careful because knives may be flying soon. That sets off one of them, and her screams alerts the woman in charge who suddenly wants to fight something. Might as well be us!



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