The Abyss Stares Back

Not an Oatmeal Golem, Hopefully

Before we start with the more important issues of the evening, we hire a passing merchant and his carriage to pick up the disadvantaged family from Schneideldorf’s house and take them to Lowenturm. This good and selfless act will surely absolve us from the horrible things that we might do in the future, and indeed, are planning on doing right now.

We arrive at the Drake foundry and look around. There are three buildings here – one is a workshop that probably contains the main furnaces and casting floors, one is an old house with boarded up windows and a large porch, and the last is a storage barn with light streaming out of a skylight in the roof and also visible under the main doors.

We decide to go in to the garage barn first, with Mads finessing open the skylight and Milosh pulling up one of the doors. Inside is a woman who appears to be a cook, tending a fire and maybe making oatmeal. There is also a metal crate of some kind, with the contents hidden, and a set of cages along the wall.

The woman turns around… and it’s Liesl, one of the vampire hunters from Teufeldorf and an associate of Sasha the cleric of Lightbro. We are initially kind of surprised and glad to see her, but she has other thoughts. She hits a panel of switch on the wall, whispers “I’m sorry” and then the crate begins to open.

Who knows what kind of horrors will be released. Other than us, that is, because we are not going to take this kind of betrayal well.



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