The Abyss Stares Back

Missing Only the Vinegar

What is that wonderful smell?

On the way back to the town, Mads explains to us what we need to do to create this potion that will treat our conditions. It is long and involved, needing clean water and maybe werewolf urine. WTF.

We go to the inn to borrow a still to allow us to distill some water as Mads goes into the woods. Evan is willing to lend us his for a while, and is very interested in the possibilities of whatever science we’re doing.

Mads, as he wanders the woods, hears voices nearby, and upon further investigation discovers the Knights from before (~6) with an elf tied to a pole in a clearing. They are happy, he is not, and his desire for freedom is obvious.

Mads, a hero to the end, decides to try to free the elf. And he succeeds! Mads manages to distract the guards, slice the bindings and both of them flee into the woods.

The elf says that the cathars killed most of the rest of his village and kidnapped him, asking him questions about his heritage. Mads believes him because he is a racist, although it is likely that this is the village practicing black magic that we were told about.

All of us slather the mud compound on our bodies (except for Ulrich), getting a full heal in the process. Ulrich and Sebastian the go to the magic shop to show off the wand. The proprietor doesn’t know anything specific about it, but is willing to take the wand for a time to research it. Maybe later…

Finally, the time for our medals arrives! But Sebastian needs to get his hair cut first? During his shave, the barber talks about how there is an army outside the city, associated with the emissary. It would seem that he is familiar with Sebastian and his rabble rousing (he is from the Order). He wants Sebastian to capture the emissary to scare the soldiers off.

I don’t think it is a good idea, and we have a long discussion about the wisdom of the enterprise. It seems like maybe the situation isn’t real – we’re not really sure there is an army outside of the city at all, and this group might just be using Sebastian as a patsy.

We get our medals and give a speech, then sit while the emissary gives his speech. In exchange for bringing in water, he proposes a 15% tax on the mines, or to take the town’s silver. It doesn’t go well, and soon everyone is screaming at him. They leave in disgrace.

We follow, some to enact this plan, some to keep an eye on Sebastian, and some because they’re curious as to what is going to happen.

About 5 miles from the town, the soldiers are stopped on the road, and the emissary is in the woods. Mads spies on him, and sees that he had been knocked out by one of the guards, who is stealing his clothes. Sebastian meets him in the woods, and they exchange knowing winks, and then clothing. We originally try to find the emissary himself, but give up after discovering that he was dragged to the farmlands outside of the city, then maybe put on a cart that we couldn’t catch. Surely that’s not a bad thing.

The session ends with us following a now-disguised Sebastian and the foreign soldiers through the woods as they return to their camp (and hopefully not commit murder immediately thereafter).



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