The Abyss Stares Back

Meetings and Memories

Johanna, before we leave, invites me back to her place after hours to catch up. Like, really, even though Mads expects something more kinky. Before that happens we discuss some of our next options.

We decide to split up for the evening, with me going to see Johanna, Milosh checking whether any of his people are nearby, and Mads going to check on Lucinda and to talk to the spinsters.

Milosh meets a Vistani snake oil salesman named almost-Zachary who he pumps for information about the drug using barbarians. He is told they would light up their fires of war, where all of the best warriors would gather and grow strong. The sales guy doesn’t know anything about the herb per se, but they at least give Milosh some furs to keep him warm in the mountains. They also discuss the memory stealing, and the Vistani implies that a crystal ball like structure would probably be the most powerful memory construct. Also, to get the memories out the item would need to be destroyed. Simple!

Mads goes to Lucinda, who is pretty much as confused as she was before. Books don’t mean anything to her, and she laments that. She still lacks her memories from before we arrived in Barovia. He has a very heartfelt conversation with her about how she should work to find new interests now that she has forgotten her old life.

I go to see Johanna and we talk about things – old times, my demon voices, stuff like that. It’s nice.

Mads goes over to the sisters’ shop to see them, but finds it dark. That doesn’t slow him down at all. He goes in, and finds the front room completely empty except for a single spinning wheel. There is a weird mist drifting through the floor boards, probably sentient, and a copper scent in the air. And the sisters are dead, with their servers heads impaled on knitting needles in their bedroom.

During his explorations, he encounters some kind of assassin spirit. Maybe? And then he challenges it to a duel in the center of town. So he flees, comes to find the rest of us, and then we all go to the meeting place to have a fight, because that’s close enough to honorable for us.



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