The Abyss Stares Back

Liesl with an Option to Buy

We get what information we can from Sasha and Liesl about the vampires in the cave. They tell us that there are at least two of the creatures, perhaps a few more, and that the hunters are not aware of any other entrances.

We decide to sneak into the chamber and try to stake a few of the monsters before they realize that we are there, and perhaps pull some of them out into the sunshine. The plan, of course, relies on stealth, which is one of our specialties. And then we screw it up with two ones. The vampires are alerted to our presence, and they are up and out of their coffins before our eyes adjust to the darkness. We are, evidently, just in time to be their snack. But perhaps they will be our snack instead! Fight!

It isn’t long before we have dusted all of the vampires (there were 3, including one that was super disinterested in the fight, and I’m going to pretend that the first two were sweethearts). The coffins in the room contain personal effects, including a letter from one of the vampire’s mothers congratulating her on her alchemy shop, dated about 5 years ago.

In the next room is a desk with some books and papers on it. Inside one of the books is a letter.

Grell, 2 tasks. Find info on the hunter in Teufeldorf (he killed someone’s consort – Katarina). Find the upstart in Barovia, this scholar, and learn his strength. Love, Lord Blackburn

Mads has the idea of seeking out Lord Blackburn and allying ourselves with him (temporarily) against the scholar, who seems to be his competition. For that reason, we don’t share the letter with Sasha and Liesl, assuming that they would try to act against Blackburn if they knew he was a vampire. We conjecture in post that Sasha is this hunter that the letter speaks of.

We return to Teufeldorf and the church, where we find some of the crazy people that Heinrich brought back milling around in the sanctuary, being tended by Mortimer. Mads relays the information about the asylum and remaining patients, and Mortimer agrees to help Heinrich stay sober and Heinrich will help to bring back the patients.

Our plan is to go back to Barovia and talk to Lucinda and Blackburn and whoever else we have there and go from that. One evil possibility is to inform Blackburn of Sasha’s identity IFF an extra bargaining chip is required to acquire his assistance.



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