The Abyss Stares Back

Human Trafficking

We fight against the sweaty mistress of labor and her minions, who appear to be children who have perished from their work here. They claw at us with their bony fingers and shield their foreman from our weapons. And then Milosh explodes them, and Mads explodes her.

We end up with about 20 children rescued from the sweat shop, and we pile them all into a cart and haul them off to Teufeldorf so that the church of Lathander can take care of them. Sasha isn’t completely down with our plan to dump children on him, but we give him some of the money that has been provided for the use of the synod to enhance the transaction.

We contact Johanna again and prepare for her to send us to the university to search for professor Braun. Johanna tells us that her forces have already found one of the other missing professors – Blaupunkt, and that he is even crazier than expected. She suggests that he be fed to Sebastian, since he isn’t much good for anything else.

We get some soldiers from the Heimat who will escort the girls to Point Hope, and we return to the Heimat. There, Mads goes and talks to his remaining raven(s?), and then to Sebastian. Sebastian is looking like his condition has not improved – he seems quite down, but at least he is doing his job of reporting his visions again. He tells Mads that one of his visions was of Milosh walking through the fog and not choking, and then being free from it. He also has dreamed of urban pickles, which sounds pretty tasty.

Mads gets the impression that Sebastian is fading and thinks that it might be time to think about breaking him out. Sometime.

Off to Barovia! Time to find a missing crazy professor lady.



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