The Abyss Stares Back

Grandpa's Old Recipe

There are some corpses on the wall that look to be test subjects that died of exposure. There is no sign that they suffered any trauma, nor have they been turned into either ravagers or awakened. There are notes on a chalkboard on the other side of the room that confirm that the Awakened were interested in the old tribes that used to inhabit the area. The notes say that the roots and vines they consumed granted them a type of proto-rage, as well as unnaturally long life. Maybe they are still alive? Maybe they are the ravagers that the road wardens fought originally, and the more recent ravagers are the products of the Awakened?

Mads and Milosh go down one of the side passages, getting hit again by the madness pressing in on them, and reach a large chamber with a pool in the center of it. It is surrounded by large stone blocks, some of which have body parts on them. The ceiling and walls have unusually green vines climbing across them. The watery substance in the middle of the chamber starts to ripple, and a transparent oozing creature emerges. Fight! And win!

During the battle, I was thrown through a door into a back office of the compound, inside of which is more information about the ragestone. It has a recipe for the material, which is composed of starch, the vines that we saw in the jello room (virrid) and ash bark. It probably also requires the interference of an outer being or god-like thing to activate.

We move on to another hallway to investigate and find the remnants of a portal lingering on a pedestal. The exit from this room is obscured by curtains. Milosh tries to go through the curtains, but he goes momentarily insane, gets confused, and returns to stare at an imaginary world in the other side of the portal fragment. Mads and I manage to break him out of it before anything unfortunate happens.

Milosh cuts down the curtains, and we go into the next room, which looks to be an animal storage room. The animals have gone bad and merged into horrifying chaos monsters that now attack us. Fight!

After we fight them off, we bandage ourselves and move further. The next room holds a sphere similar to the monastery that held the monks of the sphere, and this one contains the spirit of the doctor from the asylum. He asks us to give him a body so that he can return to the scholar and “help” us in some way. Milosh wants nothing to do with him because he is part of the reason why we committed so much murder at the asylum. We end up leaving him behind to stew rather than risk him taking over our minds or something equally horrible.

We decide that our next immediate step will be to go to the very top of the mountain and see if there’s anything left of the original barbarian tribe of the mountain.



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