The Abyss Stares Back

Getting the Finger Back

Fight! A thick mist rolls out of the crate, mostly white but tinged with red. Liesl looks contrite as she backs up against the wall, but that’s not really going to make much of a difference to us.

The mist beast is no match for us, and we disperse it handily. We then turn to Liesl. She has some kind of cockamamie story about how she went after a vampire den, but Sasha stood her up and she was captured. She had to work for the vampires doing so knows what, and she also had to sell out the priest of Lathander by telling his schedule to the vampires. Then she starts crying out of fear of us, which is rather justified. We question her about what’s going on here. Heinrich is here somewhere but she doesn’t know where, as well as “Onyx”, whoever that is. Many threats are exchanged, including us murdering Sasha in revenge for Liesl not washing the little girl’s face.

In one of the cages, there is a little Vistani girl and her father (who turns out to be dead). She evidently has the sight, because she knows that Milosh doesn’t need to travel, that Mads can walk in dreams, and that I hear demons. Two of the other cages contain feral vampires, one of which we dust.

We have a discussion about what to do with the two captives, and we finally settle on sending them both back to the Heimat and concealing the girl’s visions from Johanna, rather than either leaving them both behind or letting them flee on their own.

One they are gone, we decide to attack the work house by dropping a smoke bomb inside and fighting whoever comes out. What comes out is a group of zombie workers and their vampire foreman. We kill the zombies, but the foreman gets away and runs to the mansion to warn the others.

Worried that Heinrich might be making a break for it, we go to the back door of the mansion and jimmy it open. Inside is a disgusting kitchen, with rotten dripping bodies hanging from the ceiling. We can hear a voice from the front part of the house taunting us and then audibly wondering where we are. The voice sounds familiar… it’s Ulrich!

We make our way to the front and burst out onto the porch to stab Ulrich. Fight! His vampires make snacks of us but are eventually defeated and are all dusted.

A drunken Heinrich is the last survivor, so we collect him and loot the area for all its worth.



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