The Abyss Stares Back

Everybody Needs a Hobby

We take our time messing around with the cult lieutenant, trying to threaten him into telling us where the sanitarium is. No dice. He doesn’t fear us, seeing as how he is already sworn to a dark god, and even after Mads cuts off one of his fingers, he remains silent. The man knows the things that make us interesting (my demon words, Mads’ star talking, Sebastian’s visions, Milosh’s ability to be static). This, according to him, is due to the Scholar sucking the memories out of someone whom we have obviously never met, so I’m not sure how they would know so much about us.

We regroup and try a different tactic, something that’s usually successful when you fail to talk/threaten someone into helping you. Mads tries to get him to believe that Mads wants to switch sides if he can get the cult to help him get home. It sort of works, since the cultist tells him to take us north, away from the sanitarium. Mads tells him that he will let the cultist go (and then will try to follow him with ghosts), but decides to kill him instead. Because Mads.

We continue south to Teufeldorf, and then question some of the townsfolk about crazy dudes and where they might end up. The consensus is that the Church of Lathander is the place to start, since the head priest, Mortimer, helps the sick there. However, the acolyte of the church is the most interesting, AND HE HAS A NAME, since he had been to the site of the sanitarium. He is part of a low level group of vigilantes (so cute) that has tracked vampires in the surrounding woods and who can give us some other clues. If we meet other vampire hunters, we are to mention the “hand of the Morning Lord”, which sounds quite euphamistic. Who knows what that will get us… But anyway, he’s seen the sanitarium on some of his jaunts, although he has never been there. He also begs us to not tell Morty about his side project, since that guy is old and would not approve of murdering evil creatures of the night. At least not if you’re a baby man.

Someone whom we haven’t talked to, but has been mentioned by the townsfolk, is Heinrich Leipzig the spellcaster, who might know about Magic and rituals and such. He is also an investigator, so is like totally cool.



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