The Abyss Stares Back

Checking Out

We find a first draft of a prophecy that Yaris (the mad scientist that we just defeated) had written for the Awakened. There are a number of re-wordings and corrections that imply that he was writing this not from memory, but rather to sound impressive. Even so, the writing shows that Yaris knew more detailed information about us than we are comfortable with – maybe the rest of the writing has information about our future as well.

We take the patients from the third floor down through the dumb waiter system to the first floor. One we get back to town, we will tell the church of Lathander that the people here need their help, and it will be easier to get them out away from the electroshock room. And Mads makes a promise that he will burn the asylum down in four weeks.

We decide to find room 2135, thinking that Heinrich’s girlfriend might be there (the crazy doctor implied it, although Heinrich himself didn’t pick up on that). Inside, we find the long-dead corpse of a woman, hung from the ceiling, wearing an opal engagement ring on her finger. There is a suicide note carved in the wall that is angry that “he left me”. We cut down the body and remove the ring, but there is a cold wind and her ghost appears.

She is initially angry that we took the ring, and then angrier once she learns that Heinrich is still alive (she thinks that he left her here), and then she just wants to see him. So Mads goes and gets Heinrich for a family reunion, and maybe a ghost death. They laugh, they cry, they realize that her father betrayed them both. And then she forgives him and disappears so that he can heal. And take care of their daughter, who is also here. We did a good thing!

We gather up Heinrich, his daughter, and her two friends and try to leave. The weird receptionist lady is here as well, and she insists on us logging out and turning in our badges before we can leave. So we do that, and in exchange we get a minor magic item or two. Hooray! But then Mads turns in Sebastian’s token and receives a form letter/condolence card instead, which enrages him.

One we are all done we travel onwards with our new wards in tow.

Mads gets shot in the chest by a vampire hunter! Oh no! But it’s Sasha and Liesl, and they are in the middle of one of their cute little vampire hunts, having found a lair in a cave that they are about to assault. Awwwwwwww… We decide to come and help. Or hinder, depending on how things go.



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