The Abyss Stares Back

Bat Babies

Susanna invites us inside to discuss the situation. We explain ourselves in the most disturbing and convoluted way possible, while Susanna makes dinner for her sister. She is understandably skeptical about our story, and we can offer little in the way of proof. She doesn’t want to come with us without being sure AND we’re not sure whether a trip through Johanna’s portal will do any harm to a pregnant woman, so we will stay for now.

We have dinner and formulate a plan. Since this is the kind of situation where a heavily pregnant woman would certainly start to give birth at an inopportune moment, we tell Susanna to move Belinda to the root cellar for her protection. Our hope is that vampires will attack tonight and Susanna will witness them, making our story much more believable.

Sure enough, shortly after the sun goes down, there is the sound of wings flapping outside and a crashing noise coming from the second floor. We rush up to investigate, and run headlong into a group of man-bats pouring in through a hole in the roof thatching that they just created. Fight!

Fortunately, these things were not expecting us, and they are ill equipped to deal with three dangerous adventurers. They are very well equipped to be dead, however.

We rest for the evening (full heal up) and call Johanna in the morning for extraction. She is not excited about the baby we are bringing with us, but we (and she) don’t really have a choice. We are confident that arrangements will be made.

Johanna wants to discuss the next steps with us. She tells us that she would like to break her agreement with Lamoracanthus, the demon who has granted her some of her powers, and who is the source of the internal workings of the acidy awakened. According to their contract, she is obligated to continue providing bodies for the demon souls to possess, but since we have forbidden any more possessions, she hasn’t been doing so. He is probably getting mad, and might get uppity soon.

Her plan is to enter the demon’s realm of nightmares and fear through Mads’ dream abilities. We prepare ourselves with drugs in my torture room, and then join Mads on a featureless black plain in her mind. Mads brings us fully into his mind (giving Johanna a tail in the process), and then we set off to see what awaits us.



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