The Abyss Stares Back

A Stitch in Mind

Could also have been the Wheel of Mind

We start off at the edge of the lake and can see the city of Barovia across. Nearby is a dock and a small shack, and being is we can hear the sound of something chasing us through the forest. Mads goes to look for a boat by the dock while i knock at the door. A man answers, a fisherman, and we hastily negotiate for passage.

Across the lake we go, and we see the demon emerge from the flaming woods and destroy the fisherman’s house, and possibly his cats. The man, Peter, is upset by this, and we half-heartedly apologize. And then continue the journey without incident.

We arrive on the other side near the city and head up to the road into town. On the way in, Sebastian drops in pain with another vision, one that he describes as having a lunar eclipse, sacrificial victims in white robes streaming blood, and a large round room.

We reach the city and find an inn to stay at – the Blood and the Vine. We settle down and analyze. Lucinda, it seems, is trapped in a nightmare, making gasps of terror and having her eyes twitching as if in REM sleep.

We talk about what to do. We consider taking her to Strahd and immediately dismiss it as a terrible idea. We also consider looking for a powerful wizard, but Milosh tells us that they all become evil as they get older. Our first step, then, we’ll be to find a doctor and see if any kind of medical knowledge can help her, and then take her to the Vistani and see if they can find, or cure her, of a curse.

I try to diagnose her myself and cannot come to a conclusion, although she for a moment seems to think that I am vanRichten. Mads takes a crack at her at night, trying to get into her dreams by drinking poisons and sleeping underneath her cot. He fails, and ends up convered in his own vomit for his troubles.

In the morning, Milosh goes out to find the doctor, and gets a few recommendations from the mead boy – an apothecary, sisters who “know things” and a quack named Mordenheim. He chooses the sisters, since this is not a normal disease.

The sisters are seamstresses, and Milosh finds them in their shop spinning and cutting thread. He tells them in a Roundabout way about Lucinda’s trouble and they tell him that they might be able to provide knowledge. First, they need something of hers to scan her, and payment from someone else (not money). He agrees, and goes back to the inn to discuss.

We decide to do what we can to help her, and take her favorite vanRichten book out of her pocket to use as a material link and go back to the spinners. Their price is the dearest memory of someone loved and lost. It’s is too high for Milosh, who needs the memory of his lost love to continue on. So they take my memories of Lucinda instead.

They tell us that we need to find the teacher, the tutor, something from the past, and that what had been forgotten can be relearned. There is also talk of the pages falling out of her book, or the colors running on her painting, etc. And that is all, and they retreat, leaving us without my memories. Milosh isn’t exactly sure, but he thinks that Lucinda was originally from Teufeldorf.

Back to the inn. On the way, we find a flyer with my old teacher’s name on it, saying that she is giving a lecture at the local University tomorrow. Even though we are not in our own world. We decide to go today and see what we can learn.

But first, actually back to the inn, where we find Sebastian traumatized and Lucinda awake. She is very confused and distraught, so i go to the apothecary to get some heroin. And then we drug her. like any concerned friends would do.

So we’ll do the university, then off to Teufeldorf.



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